Wondering How Long Can Sperm Survive? Find Out The Answer Today! 

 A male body is as uncertain as a female body or any other organism out there. Though what makes it special is the fact that it plays an equal amount of role in procreation as a female body. Knowing your own body can be rather beneficial in terms of sexual intercourse and other factors. It has been recommended to masturbate a few times in a month and has been made a fact that it helps understand the needs of your own body. Though some people use this method to give spread more happiness!


Some people are unfortunate enough to not be able to bear a child and for them, several facilities collect semen of men and women to perform surrogacy or artificial insemination, etc. but how long can sperm survive? Is it possible?


What is sperm?


A sperm is a male reproductive cell or egg that is fused with a female egg during the process of intercourse to procreate. Animals produce motile cells, that is, sperms that have tails which are known as a flagellum and this type of sperm is called spermatozoa. The male cells are formed so that 23 chromosomes of the male sperm can combine with 23 chromosomes of a female egg to form a fetus.


How long can it survive inside the female body?


Sperm needs a set temperature to survive. At 37 degrees Celsius, it loses both viability and motility and at 4 degrees it loses motility from the thermal shock which is why it is supposed to be kept at 20 degrees Celsius of temperature. A female body has just the right kind of hospitable environment for sperm to survive. Therefore, it can survive for 5 days within a female body. If the woman has 2 to 3 days left before she starts ovulating the sperm can combine with her egg in that case too.


How long can semen survive outside the body?


If a sperm gets the right kind of environment then it can last up to 20 mins outside the male body but if it has a chance to dry out, it will die immediately. That being said, semen cannot last long without a hospitable environment.


How do facilities ensure sperm survival?


A freezing and storage technique is used to free the sperm and preserve it for later. The sperm is frozen at a certain temperature and then kept in a minus 196 degrees Celsius in liquid nitrogen. This is the process that advanced facilities use. This way the sperm can stay in a viable condition for years but unlike a fresh sperm which can last for 5 days in a female body, a frozen sperm will only last for 24 hours. This is as long as a frozen sperm can work.


If you were wondering how long can sperm survive, we hope we were able to answer your questions. We have given a piece of valid information and we hope that this will come in handy.