How To Deal With The Problem Of Low Sperm Count? 

When a process of reproduction has to take place, both the partners need to be sexually active and healthy. The formation of the zygote happens by the fusion of both the sperms and the ovum or the egg. The sperm is ejaculated by the male in the form of the semen containing millions of sperms and the ovum or the egg is released by the female body.

The sperm that is ejaculated in the body needs to travel through the female passage to reach the fallopian tube and get fertilised. A high sperm count and healthy sperms are needed for this process to take place. Weak sperms will not be able to reach the point where the egg meets it and they will die in the way resulting in infertility. This is a serious point of concern for the people with a low sperm count as it is a very important thing when it comes to having a good sexual health. Possessing good sexual health means neither the female nor the female is deficit of any of the unit that is required to reproduce or indulge in the act of the same.

What does having unhealthy and weak sperms mean?

When a man ejaculates, it is seen that normally in a person having a good sexual healthy, there are 15(fifteen) million sperms per millilitre of semen. This is the normal average sperm count of a man. If the sperm count is less than this then it is a point of concern. Unhealthy or weak sperms may lead to the problem of infertility and so does low sperm count. A man having the sperm count any less than the above-mentioned average one may not be able to fertilise the egg present in the female body. Though the sperm count can be raised with seeking medical help and bringing a few changes in the lifestyle, it is always better to have a healthy sperm count and sperm health. This needs to be maintained as well to make sure that there are no problems that can arise at the time of planning a baby.

How can the sperm count be increased naturally?

Low sperm count is a sign of bad sexual health and should be treated well. There are medical as well as natural ways as well that can help in the same. Few of the steps that can be taken to increase the sperm count are listed below:

  • Exercising regularly gives a boost to the systems of the body and promotes sperm production.

  • Intake of vitamin C should be increased.

  • Minimising stress has to be the most important step in the list.

  • A good amount of zinc intake should be promoted.

These are the few steps that can be taken to increase the count of the sperms a man’s body can produce.

Thus, having a good sexual health is as important as having a good mental health. Both of them are inter-related. No stress should be taken and a proper care should be taken of the body as well.