How Long Does Sperm Live Outside The Male Reproductive Organ? 

There have been cases where a woman has got pregnant surprisingly because of the survival of sperms for a few days after ejaculation. Sperms are produced by the male reproductive system upon having intercourse or masturbating. After the ejaculation, the sperms run out along with the semen which comes out. So how long does sperm live outside the male body? Sperm survival depends upon various conditions outside the body of the male. Dry conditions are not able to support the survival of sperms and can lead to the death of sperms as soon as the semen gets dry.

But if you have ejaculated in a condition where moisture is present and dryness is not there, the sperms may end up surviving for a few days, if the conditions are maintained. There have been cases where women have got pregnant without getting engaged in sexual intercourse with a man but this is still very difficult or rare to happen. Usually, when sperms do not get the proper condition, they end up dying as soon as the dryness occurs. If this is the case, there is no rest for the sponsor getting inside the reproductive organ of a woman even if it is hydrated after.

Can Sperms Survive In A Bath Tub?

A bathtub containing hot water may facilitate the conditions required by the sperms to survive as water can prevent the semen from getting dried up and eventually the sperms also. Dryness is the only cause of sperms to die soon after ejaculation occurs anywhere except the female’s vagina. Also, sperms cannot survive in any type of water. Water with chlorine, which is usually present in a swimming pool may not be able to facilitate living conditions to the sperms. Only plain and freshwater with a certain pH level can facilitate the living conditions for sperm to live. But if a case occurs where intercourse happens in a pool also, women will get pregnant irrespective of the water condition.

A possible question in the minds of people would be how long does sperm live in water. Sperms cannot have the same lifespan in water which they have in the uterus of women. They can live in such a condition for a few minutes before finally dying due to lack of other favourable conditions.

Can Sperms Live On Women’s Skin?

Pulling out before ejaculation is one of the techniques used by men and women to avoid pregnancy. This is an effective technique in most of the cases but it is always advised to not do so as the sperms may end up surviving on the skin parts near the vagina of women. Although it is very rare for this to occur, one must avoid it as the consequences can be very serious. If the sperms can survive on Justin areas near to the vagina, they may end up travelling inside the uterus of a woman too.

There is a lot of knowledge every adult needs to have to make sure they don’t make mistakes which can result in serious consequences like pregnancy. Moreover, it is always advised to use the protection of pregnancy is not desired.