Get The Information Related To How Long Does Sperm Last In A Female’s Body After Being Ejaculated

Intercourse is a procedure wherein a woman and a man are involved in a sexual activity resulting in the penetration of the male’s penis into the woman’s vagina. This is the process named as intercourse or mating. Therefore, this is also the procedure that is followed when two individuals want to reproduce. For this, the male sperms need to enter the female’s body and then only the formation of the zygote occurs which later develops into a baby.

Sperms and eggs are both responsible for the reproduction and if any of the two is absent then the procedure won’t take place. When a man ejaculates, it contains millions of sperms that enter the female body and swim through the cervix to the fallopian tube towards the ovum. The journey of the sperm is quite long and only a few remain alive until the whole procedure. A good sperm count is important for the same to happen.

The question, how long does sperm last also have significance in the same, because if the ovulation takes time then the sperm has to be present in the female’s body to attach itself to the egg whenever it is released. The answer to the question is, the sperm lasts for about 5(five) days in a female’s body after being ejaculated by the man. During these five days, whenever the female body ovulates, there is a chance that the sperm may reach the ovum and pregnancy might take place.

Does sperm count matter?

Sperm count is the number of sperms contained in one ejaculation and it may vary from a person to person. Having a good sperm count is very important as the sperms have to enter the female body and reach the ovum to fertilize. While in this process, almost all the sperms die and only one or two reach the fallopian tube where they get fertilized with the ovum. This js the reason why the sperm count is important and should be high. Low sperm count may result in an unfertilized egg as it may not reach the fallopian tube and die early. For the sperm to live for five days in the female body, it has to be strong and in huge numbers. Ejaculation having a low sperm count can cause a problem in pregnancy as the ovum does not get fertilized by the sperm. This is the reason why a high sperm count is important and low sperm count should be treated medically. Thus, how long does sperm last depend on the count as well.

How to make sperms last longer?

If a man has a problem of low sperm count and weak sperms, there might be something wrong in his habits that needs to be taken care of to have a good and high sperm count and make them last longer in the female body. Few of the steps that can be taken to make the sperms last longer are listed below:

  • Smoking affects sexual health a lot. Anabolic steroids are very harmful to sperm health.

  • Consumption of alcohol should also be checked.

  • A healthy diet is important.

  • Contact with toxins like pesticides is also harmful.

  • The scrotal sack should be kept cool to maintain a good temperature for the sperms to form.

These are the five steps that can be taken to improve one’s sexual health and increase the sperm count and make it last longer as well.

Therefore, the work of the sperm is to travel all through the passage until the fallopian tube where it has to fertilize the egg produced by the female body. It requires a lot of energy in this process and can be done by a healthy sperm only.